1. Ceramic and Porcelain flooring provides extreme hardness

Ceramic floors are sturdy and durable. Ceramic tiles are made by combining clay, sand and water together and molding them into the desired shape. After that process is completed, it is then baked with fire at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to harden. The same process is done for porcelain tiles but at a higher temperature of 2,650 degrees Fahrenheit. Being scratch, corrosion and water resistant allows for the floors to last a long time. The advantages of having a hard floor is that you do not have to worry about rips, tears or holes. Another added benefit is that the tiles are resistant to burning.

2. Ceramic and Porcelain floors come in an array of designs 

Ceramic and Porcelain floors can have many different looks without compromising on durability. From sizes small to big, even plank sizes. Tiles can also take on the look of stone, granite, mosaic, wood and marble. Tile can also be used for indoor and outdoor designs and the sunlight will not alter their colors.

3. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are easy to clean 

Tile floors are easy to clean, with just regular sweeping and mopping your floors will always look new. 

4. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are environmentally friendly

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are created by using natural inorganic materials such as clay, powder, sand and water. Tiles do not hold odors, bacteria or allergens, which makes a great product for your house and even a better one for the environment.

5. Ceramic and Porcelain floors are easy to repair

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are durable but there are times that you might have to change one. Rather than removing or replacing the whole floor you can simply replace a individual tile, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. Make sure to always order extra tile just in case you may need to replace or add later on. 

6. Porcelain tile has all the benefits of ceramic plus more

Porcelain tile includes all the benefits of ceramic and is more stronger, heavier, harder and more water resistant than ceramic. Having all these attributes is why porcelain is usually priced higher than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are one of the strongest, longest lasting flooring in the industry.


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Before Installation
Clear tabletops, bookshelves, desktops, tops of dressers, etc.
Remove all breakable objects like lamps, vases, collectibles, and heirlooms.
Empty the contents of closets and china cabinets.
Unplug and store wiring from all electronics such as TVs, DVD Players, stereos,
computers, etc.
Remove all sheets, blankets, and bedspreads from beds if applicable.
All furniture and objects should be removed from the installation area before
your installers arrive.
There is an additional charge for moving furniture.

Installation Day
Be prepared to have an responsible party present during the installation in case
the installation crew has questions.
Verify product and color when the installers arrive.
For safety reasons we ask that you keep all pets and kids away from the installation area.
Prior to the end of your installation you will be asked to walk thru the job with the installer. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions about any final details.
The installation area will be cleaned after the install is complete.
After Installation
The only routine care needed is a simple once over with a dust mop, broom, vacuum cleaner, or a damp cloth.
While Ceramic and Porcelain is extremely durable, surface and structural damage can occur under certain conditions.
Here are some standard maintenance tips to help prevent these events:
      •Place mats in front of sinks, stoves, and all doors leading outside.
      •When moving furniture, lift it rather than pushing or pulling it.
      •Clean up all spills as quickly as possible.


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